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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

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To really understand what is special about Bitcoin, we need to understand how it works at a technical level. We’ll address the important questions about Bitcoin, such as: How ...

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Apr 03, 2018 dabent on Ask HN: What are the best MOOCs you've taken?
The "Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies" on Coursera helped me gain an understanding cryptocurrencies. Until I took that course I knew very little about the subject.

It's possibly a little dated now, but it's a good primer.

I'd love to hear what other cryptocurrency courses others recommend.

As many others mentioned, Andrew Ng's course on Machine Learning on Coursera was also very good.

Mar 02, 2018 SonicSoul on Bitcoin faces regulatory crackdown, Bank of England warns
while this is true, there are plenty of ways to de-anonymize transactions. you'd have to take extra measures to stay anonymous. meaning, can't rely purely on bitcoin protocol

Jan 05, 2018 bikle on, My first draft of class01A is finished
Hello World,

My first draft of class01A is finished:

This draft is a discussion of some topics described in the first video lecture:

In addition to the discussion I coded up some Python and Java examples which attempt to interact with some of the ideas presented in lecture.

Tomorrow I will start work on class01B.

Holler if questions, -Dan

Jan 03, 2018 bootsz on Ask HN: What are some good resources to learn about Crypto/Altcoins?
I recommend the Princeton course on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies, available free on Coursera:

I took this last year and found it very informative

Dec 21, 2017 baldgeek on Ask HN: Bitcoin Christmas reading
coursera has a course, and edX has course on enterprise blockchains

Dec 19, 2017 bikle on Python and Cryptocurrency
Hello World,

A while back BAyPIGgies asked for volunteers to help with the BAyPIGgies Python Meetup.

I jumped at that opportunity and offered to lead educational efforts.

I want YOU to join me.

My first educational project will be: "Python and Cryptocurrency"

I will create educational content which teaches "Python and Cryptocurrency".

The subtitle is: "Use Python to Learn Cryptocurrency, Use Cryptocurrency to Learn Python"

To get started down that path I enrolled in a free class on Dec 26 offered by Coursera and Princeton:

YOU should join the class with me; I want fellow students; we can help each other.

After I finish that class I will study these classes:

I welcome anyone who wants to join me in this effort.

No experience necessary, just a desire to learn and teach.

My goal is to finish the "Python and Cryptocurrency" project by July 1, 2018.

I will attend the 2017-12-21 BAyPIGgies Meetup:

I will carry a clipboard which will allow me to collect names of volunteers.

Look for me!

I want to meet anyone who wants to work on BAyPIGgies educational projects.

After the Meetup, the best way to reach me is bikle101-gmail.

Sincerely, Dan Bikle

Dec 07, 2017 baldgeek on Goldman Sachs Plans to Clear Bitcoin Futures When They Go Live
The bigger it grows the harder it will fall. The design/implementation of bitcoin as a currency is severely flawed.

Projects like Ethereum, Hyperledger, and IOTA have a more long term focus. Full Disclosure: I have no positions in any crypto but have been reading a lot. Also, in the midst of two courses that go that cover crytpocurrencies and blockchain tech.

1. 2.

#1 gives a very good history of what a blockchain is, and how is implemented by bitcoin. This is enough to keep me away since I have learned about all the technical flaws:

#2 discusses blockchains, and consensus algorithms. This project shows lots of promise. They just added code that allows the consensus algorithm to actually be changed via a transaction, without a hard fork.

Bitcoin gets all the credit for introducing the world to the blockchain concept, but its far from a sound solution as a cryptocurrency.

Oct 04, 2017 roro5678 on Ask HN: Resources to learn blockchain and smart contracts?
What I am currently attending :
Oct 01, 2017 avinassh on Learn Blockchains by Building One
If you are interested in building one in Golang, here is a good article I read recently - Building Blockchain in Go [0]

Bonus: There is a pretty good Coursera course on the same - Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies [1] and it also has a really good companion book - Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies: A Comprehensive Introduction [2]

[0] -

[1] -

[2] -

Sep 23, 2017 verta submitted Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies by Princeton on Coursera (2 points, 0 comments)
Jun 29, 2017 thedarkproject on Ask HN: A good primer on cryptocurrencies?
I was looking for a good primer and I found the original Bitcoin paper itself to be a pretty good starting point:

Furthermore, I suggest the Princeton cryptocurrency intro course on coursera [1]. If you have CS background, you can skip the explanations of hashing etc and concentrate on the mechanics and incentives in cryptocurrencies, which are illustrated quite nicely.


Jun 29, 2017 FullMtlAlcoholc on Ask HN: A good primer on cryptocurrencies?
This may be a more comprehensive resource in you're looking for but Princeton is offering a course on bitcoin via Coursera:

Mar 12, 2017 linearithmic submitted Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies (3 points, 0 comments)
Oct 20, 2016 seycombi on A curated list of Blockchain, Bitcoin and Crytocurrency resources
Don't forget the Princeton / Coursera course:

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies Online Course

Sep 29, 2016 hackaflocka on Ask HN: Pmarca's advice – BitCoin/BlockChain and AI/ML in 2 hours a day
So I've been feverishly researching both topics, and how to learn them. I've decided to take these 2 courses from Coursera (starting soon, in Oct 2016). Both are free, and for the ML course, one can pay after completing it and get a certificate (there's no certificate for the Bitcoin course).

Hope you too will join these, and post updates on this thread right here.

Mar 07, 2016 kyrre on Satoshi Roundtable Thoughts
This course is pretty good:

Feb 11, 2016 iamcreasy on Princeton Bitcoin textbook is now freely available
One of the author of this book already had a MOOC about Bitcoin on Coursera.

Link :

Nov 09, 2015 27182818284 on Advice on working with Bitcoin
There is a Coursera course from Princeton on the subject

Sep 29, 2015 nyddle on Ask HN: What are you working on this week?
Coursera cryptocurrency tech course,
Sep 22, 2015 greatthanks on An annotated version of the Bitcoin paper
If papers would be text formatted or if GitHub could render latex on the fly then this would exist already. It doesn't b/c PDF is how papers are dissemeniated - so it's great somebody took care of that gap!

Maybe a another good occasion to mention that coursera currently offers a Bitcoin MOOC run by some guys from Princeton - it's quite awesome.

Sep 04, 2015 jyunderwood submitted Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies – Princeton University (31 points, 1 comments)
I've signed up. Craving a more formal intro to crypto-currencies. Consists mostly of video lectures and supplemental multiple choice style quizzes. Original course included five programming assignments asking students to build simplified versions of a Bitcoin like system, but its not clear there is any programming involved in the Coursera version.

A draft version of the Bitcoin textbook the instructors are currently working on is available:

Aug 25, 2015 randomwalker on As Coursera Evolves, Colleges Stay On and Investors Buy In
I'm the instructor of an upcoming Coursera course [1]. A couple of observations from my point of view:

* I wish there were a way to fund online education through philanthropy/donations. Coursera being for-profit leaves a bit of a bad taste in the mouth. At a practical level, it complicates what images I can use in my lectures and qualify as fair use.

* After several years the site is far from being at a point where an instructor can log on and upload content. The interface is constantly changing, confusing, and buggy. My university has a dedicated team who help out instructors with putting their material online and even they are often confused about how to edit this or upload that.

Overall I'm glad that Coursera exists and is finding a revenue stream; my own undergraduate education would have been vastly different if I'd had access to the material that's available today.

[1] Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency technologies

Aug 24, 2015 ccarpenterg submitted Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies (1 points, 0 comments)
Aug 14, 2015 lobo_tuerto submitted Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies (2 points, 0 comments)
Aug 14, 2015 Ernestas on Beginner's Guide to Blockchain Technology
A relevant course:
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